One-stop IT Provider

Coming soon for another description! 🙂

A brief history…

Formely at 2020 (based from legality at 2023 as a CV. Pandawa Network), I’m providing ICT solution, and also managed service provider who wants to manage their network equipment. Of course I will expand based on technology development from time-to-time.

Interested? Need more info?

You can contact me at this, so we can discuss more if you need more information regarding my service (or just introduce yourself and become a friend, too)

Network Technical

  • 2Gbps OIXP, IIX, JKTIX, Domestic content peer (Meta, Akamai, Bytedance/Tiktok, etc.)
  • 1Gbps (CXC)
  • 100Mbps to HSPNAP, 100Mbps to Hurricane Electric, 100Mbps to Virtua (including transit to DE-CIX and FranceIX PAR)
  • Geofeed : here
  • BGPTools : here
  • PeeringDB : here

*) last updated at Nov 19, 2023

Upstream Graph

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